Witches and Wizards, Welcome.

Take your seat at the Great Hall...

Over a period of three days, we’ll be premiering our live-action role-playing magic camp for youth ages 11-17. We’ve worked with many amazing professionals and peers in order to create a fully immersive and unique magical world, made solely by volunteers.

We had the idea for a small scale camp back in 2015, and have been working to make it bigger and better since. The age range is quite vast, and daunting for some. Younger kids will be in contact with older kids, but we’ll only tolerate kind-hearted interaction from both, and expect that it will create beautiful communication between the ages.

Our goal is to have kids connect with the world and people around them, and learn new things in a special way.


Term Starts - Aug 7th, 2019

Drop off magical youth between 5pm and 5:15pm.
Dinner at 7pm.

Daily Schedule

Breakfast - 9am
Lunch - 12pm
Dinner - 6pm

Term Ends - Aug 9th, 2019

Dinner at 5pm.
Pick up magical youth at 6:15.

Shawnigan Lake School

An enchanted campus filled with mystic beings and animals that are talked about in lore. Shawnigan Lake School is transformed into the Alectoria School of Magic. Wizards and witches have access to dormitories, common rooms, and dining hall during their term. The outdoor campus is meant for exploring.

We are in no way affiliated with J.K Rowling or Warner Bros, and are non profit.